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Setup Ecommerce Websites on WordPress in Minutes

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Are you ready to take you business to the next level? If your answer is “yes!” then setup ecommerce websites that will accommodate the huge amount of traffic you are about to get! If no, learn how WordPress supports your site with all their ecommerce plugins they have ready and available.

While there are many ecommerce platforms available out there, sticking to what WordPress has to offer can pay off big. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should stick with the WP eCommerce plugins.

Why They are the Top 3

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Ultimately, the choice on which platform to use for your ecommerce site comes down to who is going to be managing the site. The amount of traffic the site can handle also plays a big role in that, especially during the holidays where the traffic surges! The biggest reason to choose WP eCommerce is the fact that it already integrates with the WordPress environment. It’s so obvious that it shouldn’t be included in the top 3. It’s a given. Along with all the different WordPress plugins that it can integrate with, it makes it easy just being all from the same place. Still, here are the top 3:

  1. Customizations

    WP eCommerce allows for you to add your own HTML/CSS customizations that is consistent with your branding. Other platforms require a lot of fenaggling to get the cart to match your schema. Sometimes it creates a whole separate page that isn’t consistent with what your customers are used to seeing. You already trust WordPress to get the branding you work so hard for right. They will continue doing that.

  2. Checkout

    You need to get paid. WP eCommerce ensures that. With access to the most popular payment methods like Paypal and Stripe, your customers will be able to pay the best way they are comfortable with.

  3. Comfort

    Your customers can shop with ease knowing that all of their transactions are secure. Sensitive data that passes through your site is protected with the latest technologies that WP eCommerce has to offer. Both you and your customers can continue conducting your businesses knowing that you will not be compromised.

Are you ready to make the change? Tractus Online has become something of an expert in the subject matter. WordPress sites allow for Tractus to cater to the needs of its clients and give them the kind of experience that keep them coming back. Let us know how we can best help and remember, when you refer a friend, you get a huge thank you from us. Contact us and let us help you enjoy the wonders of WordPress.

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