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Important Elements for your Site’s SEO

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SEO Optimization is a must if you want your website to run. In addition to great content, your website’s source code must include the right HTML tags. Web browsers read the source code and figure out what to display. Google, Bing, and other search engines all read your source code to find out what your website does.

Go over your source code and see if you have the following tags.

SEO Optimization Starts with Titles

Make sure you have only one Title Tag per page. This tag is what Google and the other search engines show. The best way to use this tag is to write the words naturally. Some companies decide to use keywords and pack it in, but that is not always the case. Using too many keywords can make your title sound super salesy and turn people of.

You can learn more about how to write Title Tags here.

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Get Good at Describing

The meta description shows up underneath your Title Tag. Did you know that this is a sort of free advertising the Google gives companies. As it is the description of the page, it is super important. It gives the readers an easier time to learn more about your site.

Google Webmasters Tools has some great advice on how to create one.

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H1 Heading Tags

The idea for this is to have people think about the services on your site. Put something more engaging rather than just copying the Title Tag. Look for something more interesting on the page to help introduce your customer to the contents of the site. Once again, make it natural and inviting.

Learn about the different heading tags here.

seo optimization HTML

Other Links and Tags

  • These two work together to tell the search engines what information on the page is most important. Check out Internal Links and Anchor Texts here.
  • Nofollow Links helps keep spam comments down.
  • Image Alt Tags are best used for merchandise images, diagrams, infographics, logos, and screenshots.
  • Canonical Tags tells Google which content they should pay attention to.

There you have it! Your website will do a lot better now that you have made it a lot more visible to search engines. Tractus Online can help you go over your site and work with you in helping optimize it for your audience. While this helps your site get visitors and show up on search engines, the powers that be can still change their mind on what they are looking for in a site. Keep checking what’s new and consult with a trusted SEO agency to learn more.

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