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New Ways To Sell Online: Buy Buttons On Social Media

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 It’s not a secret that social media has been driving ecommerce sales for quiet a while. Now it’s time to justify brands’ social media efforts as social media platforms are rolling out “Buy Now” buttons and giving users ability to buy directly from companies’ Facebook pages and Pinterest profiles.

Buyable Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has over 70 million monthly active users and those users are willing to buy the things they see. According to Pinterest founders one of the most common comments they hear from a user is “I wish Pinterest was a store”. End of June 2015 Pinterest launched its buyable Pins allowing users in the U.S. to purchase products straight from the site. The Buy It button is currently available only on iOS devices in US.
 So your fans can now search products by price and buy items using a credit card or Apple
Pinterest is also planning to make their Buy It button available on desktop and Android.
In other words, your ecommerce just got more opportunities for online sales. However, before jumping on creating sellable pins, make sure your account is well-established, your fans trust your company and what’s more important, they want to buy what you pin.

Shop Now On Instagram

Instagram has more than 300 million users. The popular photo-sharing app is so visual and fashion oriented that it represents a perfect platform for shopping. Instagram has recently launched ads with “Shop Now” buttons that allow users buy products directly from the app. Before these recent changes has taken place, the app was working only with selected brands and ads were not widely available. And now the photo-sharing network is opening ad options to all brands. Moreover, brands can reach customers now based not only on their ages and genders but also on various targeting interests due to the app’s integration with Facebook.ecommerce-instagram

Collections on Twitter

Twitter has just accelerated its efforts in becoming a social ecommerce as well. The platform is testing a new way for brands and influencers introduce products – Product/Place Pages and collections. Product Pages is a way of grouping tweets about products into dedicated pages with images, videos, description, price, reviews, options to buy or visit a website. Collections is a way of organizing groups of product pages in a way similar to Pinterest. Even though these new features are only available to a limited number of Twitter partners, Twitter is planning to expand the number of partners and influencers.ecommerce-twitter

Buy Button on Facebook

Facebook (together with its partner – ecommerce platform Shopify) has been testing the Buy It button for about a year giving access to a limited number of sellers. Now it’s making it available to more Shopify retailers. The Buy It button will be included as a call-to-action button in promoted and page posts of Shopify retailers. Facebook users can now buy products directly from their news feed by using existing or entering new payment info and then go back to their social activities. Even though this feature is not widely available yet, Facebook has taken a big step towards this direction by extending a number of retailers.ecommerce-facebook

Shop Local on Yelp

A little more than a month ago a local review platform Yelp has rolled out a Shop Now button partnering up with which connects local boutiques across the country. With this new feature Yelp aims at turning the local discovery process into an actual transaction. According to Yelp, over 200 businesses got access to this new feature, with thousands expected by the end of the year. ecommerce-yelp

It’s no doubt that social media is changing the way users shop online turning it into a mix of social engagement and actual transactions. What should your ecommerce store do to get ready for the new way business is done? Get on social media, grow your fan base and network, build trust, monitor the influencers that were already given access to experimental features and get ready to sell on social. If you need help growing your social or implementing any of the Buy It buttons that are or will be available soon, contact Tractus and get a free consultation from our social media and ecommerce experts.

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