How search engine optimization is changing in terms of algorithms

Search Engine Optimization is Not Dead

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The talk of today is that search engine optimization or SEO is dead. This statement is only half true, because old methods of SEO are dead while new methods are being implemented. SEO is constantly changing and shapeshifting to adhere to the algorithms of today. Below is some pertinent SEO information for you to consider.

A few search engine optimization strategies to consider based on algorithm changes

Traditional Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization as we knew it is dead because of the change in current algorithms. SEO is no longer only about changing title tags and adding a few links in order to achieve a better ranking, it’s much more complicated than that. There is no specific formula to SEO anymore, and a guaranteed ranking cannot be achieved. What can be achieved is an increase in ranking by consistently keeping up with the search engine trends of today.

Titles and SEO

Keyword use in titles used to be the end all be all when it came to ranking for a particular search. While this still plays a factor in search engine optimization, it plays a much smaller factor than it once did. Google now understands the context of your page much better than before, meaning you don’t need to be as specific in terms of keywords anymore.

There is No Guarantee in Ranking

While there are ways to increase ranking, there is no absolute guarantee when it comes to achieving a specific ranking through SEO. There are many new factors that come into play that affect ranking, and because of this, people argue that SEO is dead. It is most definitely not dead, there are just many more factors that come into play today than ever before.

3 tips when it comes to search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is constantly changing and shapeshifting, and marketers need to understand these new algorithms to keep up with it. If you want to learn more about SEO, click here. If you want to learn more about what we can do in terms of improving your business’ ranking on Google, click here.

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