Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE): What is it and Does it Work?

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In a recent visit to an ad agency, the executive assistant introduce a surprising new term: Results Oriented Work Environment, or ROWE. The company had a good amount of desks and screen filled with metrics that updated every five minutes or so. They also had a handful of people working on projects. What was surprising was the fact that some employees were leaving early, smiling, and had looks of accomplishment. So, being curious, I asked: What is ROWE?

Getting Stuff Done

Results-Oriented-Work-Environment-TeamThe concept of a results oriented work environment is to allow employees flexibility with work. The focus is productivity rather than presence in the workplace. The idea is simple- fulfill your goals, then go home.

The trade off seems to be good. Companies have seen increased productivity, better engagement with employees, and less turnovers. It can certainly create value for employees as productivity is measured by what they are able to deliver, rather than the clock.

Results Oriented Work Environment Tests

ROWE was created in 2005 by two Best Buy employees. Since then, many companies have adopted the practice in different ways to test how it works.

Because of this, many companies now offer work from home options that entice new employees and reward top performers. It has been used to retain top employees as working from home can be more enticing than a wage increase or a benefits package.

Do you think have this kind of environment is something that can benefit you? Is your team looking to spice things up by valuing results over desk time? While this type of work environment may not work for everyone, there is something to be said about the success that comes from the program.

If you are already implementing this program, let us know at Tractus Online how it is working out for you. While you are there, look at the work that we do. We are also results oriented.

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