Recent Facebook Updates That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Social media is constantly evolving to become bigger, better and more user friendly. Facebook is no exception to this. Below are some recent updates that the largest social media platform has implemented that you may not want to miss as a social media marketer.

4 trends that facebook is implementing

Facebook Evolves Its Methods Of Targeting

The geo-targeting capabilities that social media platforms now offer in terms of paid advertising are quite impressive. Facebook has updated their targeting feature to now allow users to target other users based on event RSVPs. Using the new custom audience feature allows users to target their campaigns to a list of event respondents, and even non-respondents, giving advertisers that additional method of targeting on top of what’s already available.

Update In Analytics Reporting

Facebook has improved their already in-depth method of analytics reporting to help do away with unintentional clicks. There is now a drop off rate that will show advertisers if a user has spent less than 2 seconds on an ad, which will then be deemed as an unintentional click. This new update is great for advertisers because they will not be charged for unintentional clicks in their audience network moving forward.

Video Analytics Enhanced

Many users who rely heavily on video content demanded better metrics to further analyze their content and gain better insight. Video creators wanted to be able to obtain more information about the sharing of their content, and they got just that. Now Facebook provides video creators with analytics on a graph including average watch time and a breakdown of views in terms of if the user utilized autoplay, click to play, etc. Soon, sound metrics will be introduced to this great feature.

Social media trends and updates for social media marketers

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