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When reading entrepreneurship books, there are some influential names that are on that list. Carnegie. Kawasaki. Cuban. If you want to be gut punched, Gary Vee. But being an entrepreneur is more than just selling your app and traveling all over the world. There is a human interest side to that story. That side helps you as an entrepreneur to better understand the people around you. Take a look at some of these books that offer more than business sense, but also, people sense.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Reading Entrepreneurship Books Value

Reading Entrepreneurship Books means looking into values. |PC: Wikipedia

Robert M. Pirsig’s philosophical non-fiction has been teaching its readers that attitude is what defines human experience. Where do you find the balance between your romantic and classical viewpoints on business? The background story and its application is almost like a modern-day parable that every entrepreneur should know.


Roman General Marcus Aurelius gives insights on the importance of mastering and controlling ones emotion. For entrepreneurs, it is important to note that these are the authors thoughts after the fact. He has had time to take a step back and look and what has happened objectively. We cannot have control over events and outcomes, but we do have control of our actions.


Malcolm Gladwell has authored several different bestsellers like The Tipping Point and Outliers.  In Blink, he takes you behind the science of the decision making process. Any aspiring business leader can take note of the importance of following intuition and decipher when you should follow it and when not to.

Gladwell reading entrepreneurship books

Gladwell’s books make the list of reading entrepreneurship books any day. | PC: WordPress

Out of Crisis

W. Edwards Deming shifts the focus away from you, the entrepreneur, to those that support you, the employees. It stresses the importance of respect not just of employees to their bosses, but from bosses to employees. In addition, Deming shows the importance of collecting data and its analysis. Also, focusing on a strategic process for that business.

Reading Entrepreneurship Books Honorable Mention

“Peak” by Chip Conley
“Lucky or Smart?” by Bo Peabody
“The Four Steps to the Epiphany” by Steve Blank
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