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Prevent Website Crash During the Holidays (and in General)

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Prevent Website Crash. That is what companies need to do in preparation for the Holiday shopping season. As a user, there is nothing worst than having your shopping spree end with your cart frozen. Or getting that error message that no amount of F5 clicks will ever correct.

Here’s several tips to¬†ensure that you can accommodate your customers and prevent website crash.

Keep it Light

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Mobile users are growing everyday. They account for a lot of web traffic nowadays which means, you also have to be mobile. Tablets, mobile phones, and other handheld devices do one offer full browser support. Having a light version of your site that mobile users can be redirected to can help with their experience.

When you create a light version of your site, it reduces your server load and your customer’s data consumption.


Content Delivery Networks

You can use CDNs, or Content Delivery Networks, a system of distributed servers spread across data centers all over the world.

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CDNs let you offload a major chunk of your server load and make your offloaded content load faster.

Static Sites Prevent Website Crash

prevent website crash featured

Dynamic code is the first to fall, or in this cash crash, as more traffic goes through your site. Start with your landing pages, then your product pages. Copy the HTML source code and paste it on your new page. You can also load a dynamic page to your CDN. THis will cache a static version and load it to your site.

As Little As Possible

Make downloaded files as small as possible. Change files from PDFs to plain text. Use .TXT and .DOC files as they don’t require as much space. Leave out images and stick to texts that are easily searchable.

Same with HTTP Requests

We’re cutting the fat and that means any file that asks for too much memory like images, scripts, and style sheets. Combine all your scripts, including CSS files, into one file to help minimize fetching for information

Get a Good Host

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A good party needs a good host. Choosing a web host with dedicated servers mean that you are not sharing your site with those that are also getting a huge amount of web traffic. ¬†Dedicated servers also mean that your data is more secure. You’ll get your own IP address and increased speed and performance when that time comes.

Make Sure Carts Will Load


Users want a quick and easy checkout. You want money. Make this happen. The less customers have to fill out, the better. Use an e-commerce platform that can handle multiple orders. There are a ton of useful platforms that you can use. Test them before you decide to use them!

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Test Your Site

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You can use Page Speed or YSlow to test your site under duress. By testing your site, you can see beforehand what you need to focus on and what your customers might need from your site. A good experience means that those customers woould come back and tell others.

Tractus Online can help ensure that your site is really to handle the craziness that can come from holiday traffic. Whether it is to find the right ecommerce platform for your company, or testing how your site will fare in heavy traffic, Tractus Online can guide you to great holiday sales and great holiday profits.

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