how to use pinterest for business

How To Use Pinterest For Business

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If you are looking for a new marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your website this year, look no further, Pinterest for business is a must have. Pinterest is second only to Facebook in referral traffic and that traffic often turns into sales. Each Pinterest pin on average generates $0.78 in sales and the average order value on Pinterest is 126% higher than that of Facebook. Pinterest has obviously proved itself to be very valuable for businesses of all sizes. Here are some tips to help you incorporate Pinterest into your online business.

Set It Up Right

Over 65% of all pins on Pinterest are from business websites. Be sure to add the “Pin It” button to your website and make sure it is easy to find. Depending on your business and target audience you may consider making it more visible than other social media icons. If you have questions about how to create buttons and widgets to add to your website, check the widget builder here. To ensure maximum future traffic to your site, be sure the images you use with your “Pin-It” buttons are clean and clear. Lastly, be sure to link your pins to their respective landing pages. This is the most important element of utilizing Pinterest to generate sales.

Pin Great Content

This truly is central to your success on Pinterest, although when talking about Pinterest content is different than you might think. Since everything is centered around pictures you need to make sure your pictures stand out. For instance, lighter pictures are repinned 20x more than darker images. You should also consider the height of your pins, taller images are shared 67% more than shorter images. Think about also adding a call to action in your description, this can increase engagement by 80%. The infographic beneath has more ideas to explore with your pins.

pinterest for business infographic

Get People To Your Website

As we just mentioned above, be sure that all your and your follower’s pins link back to your website. This will increase brand awareness and longevity to your pins. You’ll want to double check that all your pin links work. Pinterest has also introduced Rich Pins which allow businesses to add extra information right on the pin itself and use Pinterest for business in a whole new way. There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. Conversion rates on Rich Pins are much higher and can really help boost your online visibility.

Pin To Your Target Audience

You should be able to do some digging on what your ideal customer likes and follows. Just like any other social media platform Pinterest is used differently by different demographics. Create boards that are easy to search for and align with your customer’s interests. Be sure to use key words when making your board titles and add boards that reflect your company’s values, culture, products and services. You should also note that the most popular times to pin are in the afternoon between 2pm – 4pm and at night between 8pm – 1am.

best times to pin on pinterest for business

Learn From Other Brands & Competitors

This can be applied to any marketing strategy and should certainly not be overlooked here. Take a look at what you like and dislike about other company’s business accounts and apply it to your strategy. Pinterest for business can also serve as an opportunity to find some low hanging fruit in your niche market. If you notice that no competitors are pinning with Rich Pins or they don’t have “Pin-It” buttons on their website, you can get a leg up on the competition and make your brand stand out.

As your Pinterest following grows and your sales similarly increase you’ll want to look at your Google Analytics to verify the traffic and corresponding sales are from Pinterest. As you track this data you’ll be able to see how different approaches affect your marketing efforts and find the best strategy for your business. If you want help managing your Pinterest  account, contact our team of social media experts and they’ll start helping your business grow today.
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