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Why Personalized Marketing Will Increase Sales in 2015

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

Sending out mass email campaigns, promoting generic coupon offers and blindly posting on social media is no longer relevant to get the attention of customers and clients. And more than 80% of marketers are aware that personalized consumer experience is a way to increasing ROI. However, only 6% of them are actually implementing personalization. It’s time to be proactive and deliver better results before everyone else jumps in.
Personalized marketing is based on collecting data about individual’s preferences, interests and behavior patterns to make a unique product offering for each customer. Personalization techniques have been widely used on e-commerce websites for a long time. Isn’t nice to have product offerings that exactly match your interests on Amazon? Isn’t it amazing when the website knows and remembers how you like your coffee?

Custom Buying Experience is a Preferred Choice for More than 45% of Online Shoppers

And it’s not just about e-commerce anymore. Connecting audiences with the most relevant content on websites that don’t sell online, on Social Media and Blogs is a way to boost conversions. So make your visitors’ experience pleasant, fun and profitable with suggestions based on past interactions.

It’s Not What You Want to Offer, It’s What They Want To See

Internet provides all sorts of tools to collect data about your typical and unexpected customers, their preferences, their needs and ways to satisfy those needs. Numbers show that businesses implementing personalization techniques see at least a 19% increase in sales. Let your customer take the lead and show you what he/she wants.

Mobile As A Stream of Personalized Data

Customers will continue to give away their preferences, interests and behavior through mobile apps. It is expected that by 2017 the number of app downloads will reach 268 billion. Users will be willing to provide their data to more than 100 apps daily. Mobile has always been about time and convenience. With personalization, you highly increase the efficiency of your transactions as the customer has to specify fewer things each time business is done. With personalized content, you also make your user feel appreciated.

Reduced Acquisition Costs

When customers feel appreciated, they want to and they will come back. The seller-buyer relationship turns into a partnership and even a friendship. How much does it normally cost you to acquire a new visitor/customer/client? With personalization you reduce your costs by generating increased loyalty among customers. And this also increases the “likelihood to recommend” your product/business and thus, reduces your acquisition costs even more.

There is no doubt that personalization is one of the top digital priorities for 2015. More and more tools become available to make the process easier for both e-commerce websites and projects that doesn’t have to do anything with selling online. Personalization requires constant monitoring and flexibility. Therefore, businesses should be ready to adapt their digital strategies, products and services.
Have questions? Contact our team of marketing professionals to assist you with personalization strategy and help your business grow in 2015.

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