Thoughts about the most recent Snapchat update

What People Are Saying About The New Snapchat Update

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Snapchat is a popular app that allows users to communicate by sending a photo that is made viewable for ten seconds or less. The app has seen a huge growth in users, not only among millennials but those over 35 years old as well, especially towards the end of 2017. The popular app just went through a major design change, and we outlined what people are saying about it.

3 things about the new Snapchat update

Out Of Order

With the new Snapchat update, snaps are now algorithmically ranked based on the friends that you interact with the most. Snapchat followed the lead of other social media marketing platforms such as Instagram who implemented the ranking system in 2017. Many people aren’t too happy with the new ranking system, just like when Instagram implemented it.

Promoted Stories

Snapchat is now promoting popular stories from various influencers and celebrities mixed in with those from your friends. This is their way of helping people discover content that they may enjoy from other popular users that they don’t follow. Many people are complaining that their feed is becoming oversaturated and that they would rather see content from their friends alone.

Snapchat Implements More Ads

The app started promoting advertisements in 2017 in order to generate revenue. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram began their paid advertising model, so other apps decided to do the same as it proved to be lucrative. With this go around, the new update will showcase more ads to its users in order to continue the upward growth of revenue seen in 2017.

Information on the latest Snapchat update

We are hearing many mixed feelings about the new Snapchat update, but the new layout is here to stay whether users like it or not. The app’s CEO has claimed that the company is taking its user feedback into account, and optimizing the update to implement suggested changes. We can expect to see Snapchat make changes in the new update over the next few months to meet its user’s needs. To read more about Snapchat, click here. To learn more about our social media marketing services, contact us

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