3 tips for paid social media marketing for businesses

How Paid Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

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With the implementation of paid social media marketing, there are endless ways to target your demographic. Paid social media is completely re-shaping the way advertising is being executed due to it having capabilities that other outlets such as print do not possess. The best part about paid social is that you can track its results through analytics. Here are a few ways paid social can help your business. 

3 paid social media marketing tips

Facebook Rules Paid Social Media Marketing

Because 75% of social media users are on Facebook, Facebook is a great outlet to implement a paid social campaign on. Creating a Facebook ad is fairly easy, as their ads manager tool will walk you through the process step by step. Facebook possesses features such as geo targeted advertising, where you can target ads to people within a specific location. Facebook even lets you target ads by interest, income and many other factors. Now that Facebook has acquired Instagram, you are able to run advertisements on both platforms concurrently during a campaign. The options with paid Facebook ads are endless.


Twitter too offers paid advertising, but Twitter has a smaller user base than Facebook does. Twitter offers some similar features to Facebook in terms of paid advertising, but the capabilities are not quite as advanced yet since paid social media marketing is a more recent feature on Twitter. If your business relies heavily on Twitter by utilizing it as a live feed for your followers, Twitter may be a great outlet to promote a paid campaign on. Running ads on both Facebook and Twitter will only maximize your reach.  You need to decide what platform is right for your business to advertise on (if not both).

Track and Analyze Your Campaigns

With paid social media marketing, you have the ability to pull data in terms of analytics pertaining to your campaign. Consider looking over these numbers over a period of time in efforts to understand what is and isn’t working, and how you can implement change in future campaigns. Did that geo targeted ad really work in increasing your store visits by 25%? Make sure to tack a measurable objective onto your campaign so you have an end goal. With the insights available on social media platforms, you can really learn and understand the ins and outs of what advertising techniques work best for your brand.

paid social media marketing tips for business owners

Paid social media marketing is completely changing the way advertising is being placed. It offers a much more affordable, measurable advertising tool for business owners in comparison to other outlets like print. To learn more about best social media practices and how to keep them, click here. To learn more about what we can do for you in terms of executing a social media campaign for your business, contact us

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