online marketing and its components defined

Online Marketing Further Defined

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Online marketing is more complex than ever with the advancement of algorithms, the development of social media and the amount of users on the web. Below are a few different types of online strategies defined to give you a better understanding of what the digital world is all about.

different strategies in online marketing to increase business

SEO and Online Marketing

SEO or search engine optimization plays a key role in digital presence as it is the number one thing that drives traffic to a website. By boosting your online presence with keyword research, and implementing those keywords into an SEO strategy, traffic to your website will be increased due to better visibility. There are currently over 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithms, so understanding SEO is important. There are many books, audiobooks and web seminars that will help you master this art.

Social Media

Social media plays a key role in online marketing as it is a near direct way to reach the masses. By developing a voice that’s right for your brand, and by pushing out engaging, relatable content, people will become receptive to your message, and in ways they wouldn’t with other marketing strategies. Social media is too an art, and because it’s ever-changing, it’s an art that needs to be maintained. Listening to podcasts that discuss the topic of social media are a great way to understand this unique tool.

Web Ads

When it comes to online marketing, web ads are another way to market to your audience with a pay per click method. By running a banner ad on a given website, you will be charged by the host each time a person clicks on that ad. Ad clicks can be measured with a range of tools such as DoubleClick For Publishers, and things such as click through and conversion rates can also be measured too, really giving you insight on how your strategy is performing.

how to drive traffic to your website with online marketing strategies

Online marketing is a complicated subject as there are many factors that play into it, and it is constantly changing. Staying up to date on the different online trends by educating yourself is important in remaining relevant in the digital world. Want to learn more about what we offer in terms of online strategies? Click here. Want to learn more about some digital marketing tactics? Click here

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