3 strategies for online guerrilla marketing

Online Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Your Business

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Online guerrilla marketing is a great way to stand out in terms of marketing your business. Because guerrilla marketing strategies are unconventional, they usually make your audience more receptive to your message in comparison to other methods such as a regular billboard, print ad or TV commercial. Below are a few tactics your business can use to stand out.

tips for online guerrilla marketing and your business

Online Guerrilla Marketing Is As Simple As An E-mail Signature

A lot of people think of guerrilla marketing as being some complex strategy. When marketing your business online, something as simple as a catchy e-mail signature that links to your website and social media can help drive traffic in a unique way. Look at your e-mail signature as an online business card, you want it to look unique, clean and professional so that the reader associates those traits with your brand. Make it stand out and make it memorable!

Online Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is a great online guerrilla marketing tactic to help increase brand awareness. Offer products or services for free and promote the giveaway on social media. Partnering with other brands and running a loop giveaway on platforms like Instagram will help you maximize your reach, leading to more people discovering your business that may have never heard of it before. Having a call to action such as “tag three friends in the comments below to enter” will help triple your reach, as the complimentary prize is an incentive to do so in itself.


Creating video content to get your message across is an unconventional method of marketing that gets the job done effectively. Creating viral videos through humor is one way businesses are getting discovered online. Posting content to sites like YouTube will only increase your exposure and the chances of someone discovering you. Videos are a great method of online guerrilla marketing, and if done correctly, they will make you some money.

online guerrilla marketing tactics to drive business

Online guerrilla marketing is quickly becoming a popular way to grab the attention of a given target audience, as it is intended to be creative and unique. To see what we can do for you in terms of marketing your business online, click here. Want to read more about digital marketing? Click here

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