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Old Email Marketing Techniques You Should Avoid

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

Old email marketing techniques can actually hurt you. Maybe not you physically, but your business, if you do not follow the trends that people are now using. Being different has its perks. But sticking out like a sore thumb with archaic ways of doing things, that’s a big no-no.

Your website should be collective great email leads for you to follow up with, but if you are sending emails left and right with no conversion, you are wasting your time. let’s take a look at what you may be doing wrong and get that fixed.

Is Flash an Old Marketing Technique You are Using?

Flash may be the fastest man alive, but sites and emails that still require Flash to run are way behind the times. The big three- HTML, CSS and JavaScript- pretty much rule the known digital world. It is super annoying when you open an email and a big box and a small “X” show up. Then, it tells you to download Flash. This is how bad it is. Adobe, the makers of Flash, no longer supports it.

Lesson? Use HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Are You Screaming at People?

If you are trying to get people’s attention by screaming at them, you’ll lose them. Email etiquette discourages the use of “CAPS” as it gives the impression that you are yelling at the person that is reading your email. It could still work as a heading, but avoid using big letters in your email copy as much as possible. The same goes for bold typefaces and italics. While it shows emphasis on what you are writing about, consider how the reader can perceive your email.

Lastly, when someone sees something underlined digitally, it can be confused as a link. Many customers ma mistakenly click on that link and have a bad experience as they think it is broken.

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