3 new tools to consider for social media marketing

New Ways to Engage on Social Media Marketing Platforms

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The days of simply just posting are over when it comes to social media marketing. There are now many new ways that brands can interact with their followers in order to spark engagement in a fun way. Below we touch on some of the ways social platforms are getting creative when it comes to engagement.

New tips for social media marketing management

Instagram Questions

Social media marketing platform Instagram has now implemented a question feature embedded in their story stickers. With questions, your followers have an open platform to ask you whatever they wish. The fun part about questions is that you can then re-post those questions, and give a response, acting as a sort of Q&A. This feature is quickly catching on with brands and celebrities so they can interact with their fans and consumers.


Long gone are they days of YouTube as Instagram has implemented a new streaming feature that displays full screen, vertical videos on mobile. Videos can be up to one hour in length, and you can access the feature within the Instagram app. Social media marketing platforms are finding ways to make their apps a one stop shop in order to knock out their competition.

Social Media Marketing and Music

There is no question that social and music are converging, which is why many platforms are implementing music features. Instagram just launched its music sticker within stories, where you can select from various popular tracks and have them play for the duration of any given story. The song name, title and artwork will display so that the viewer can look up the track if he or she wishes.

Ways to increase your social media marketing engagement

Social media marketing is constantly thinking of new and unique ways to engage their audiences. This is great for brands because they’re able to drive up engagement rates, which will ultimately increase their relevancy and reach. Want to read more about social trends? Click here. Want to know what we can do for you in terms of developing a digital strategy for your brand? Contact us.

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