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New Instagram Features Emphasize Influencers and Business

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Instagram is owned by Facebook. Given the increasing popularity of Instagram for the younger generation, Facebook has been working to make Instagram carry some of the load it has thus far carried as the center of the social media universe. The new updates emphasize features to attract and simplify use for influencers, creators, and online business owners.

new instagram updates

1. The Camera Redesign

The newly announced camera has something called “Create Mode.” It allows, first, for creators to create posts from scratch, rather than focusing on uploading pre-made content. This works well for people who primarily use the “stories,” feature on Instagram. And, second, there’s a new feature for dedicated “shopping tags,” allowing for more direct promotion within the post, including links to online stores.

2. The Business Emphasis

Instagram has been popular in the past with younger people because, simply, it is not facebook. It appeals to the internet culture of quick interaction, hip aesthetically pleasing posts, and simple interface. The new update shifts some of the business potential once held exclusively by Facebook to Instagram.

business on instagram

3. The Importance

If you’re not paying attention to this change, and changes like this, you’re missing important shifts and opportunities. Facebook’s company caters many of its services directly to small online businesses, all you as an online business need to do is be aware, and go with the flow. The bottom line: your marketing strategy must be prepared to implement important updates like this one. Contact us today! We will help you update your approach to online marketing to make it dynamic, flexible, and effective.

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