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What does the Repeal of Net Neutrality Mean for SEO?

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In 2017 the FCC announced that it would repeal “net neutrality,” regulations, put in place in 2015. Net neutrality prevented internet service providers (ISP’s) from basing prices upon speed of service provided to companies. ISP’s, under net neutrality, could not limit a consumer’s access to any website based upon level of payment. With its repeal last June, many feared that ISP’s would begin to charge for different levels of internet access, limiting the number of websites, the speed of certain content (like videos on Verizon’s unlimited wireless plan), and other related issues. The FCC’s decision to repeal is currently being challenged in federal court.

net neutrality repeal seo

Net Neutrality’s Effects So Far

For businesses, an important question in all of this is, what does the repeal of net neutrality mean for SEO? It was predicted that the repeal of net neutrality would affect individual access to particular types of sites and content. Since its repeal midway through 2018, SEO has, despite many predictions to the contrary, been largely unaffected by the change. In fact, very little has changed since the repeal. Although, this might not always be the case, the dire predictions have, thus far, fallen short. The negative effects might still be on the horizon, but nothing drastic has occurred yet, nor is it expected to any time soon.

The Court Battle

Some companies are still fighting to restore net neutrality regulations. This current challenge in the courts could potentially reverse the FCC’s 2018 repeal. The question remains open whether the repeal of net neutrality will eventually have the effects predicted by its critics. Should the repeal be reversed, the question may remain unanswered.

how net neutrality repeal affects seo

The possible effects of the repeal of net neutrality might not have come right away. The repeal of net neutrality might not last. Either way, the best approach to business decisions that could be effected by such regulation is to make smart decisions. Choose well-tested and intuitive methods for your business’ online marketing plan. Find out today how we can help you improve your SEO and online marketing. 

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