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National Data Science Challenge Applies to Your Business

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The word data science and analytics is being thrown around a lot. Many are still unsure of what it really is and how it can help with their organizations. The data science challenge put together by the Big Data Innovation Hub and the US Department of Transportation is looking to use data to help reduce traffic fatalities.

As cloud computing leaders, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs get together to find answers, what can individual companies learn from their conversation?

Setting Goals

Just like the challenge, companies must also set out goals that they want to accomplish. With a lot of data, what kind of information do you want to take away from it? Where will you use the information that your data will provide? Answering these questions beforehand can help your company to plan for tools and technologies to best reach your goal.

data science challenge nodeData Science Challenge = Teamwork

Put together your team based on their expertise and passion. Your team must ask the right questions. They need to understand and visualize what your data can do. Your team needs to be composed of dedicated individuals that will bring out the best in each other to achieve the goals you have set.

Champions of Change

In the challenge, you will notice that you have to approach things differently. Similarly, your company will also need to approach your data in a much different way. Don’t think of it as something to be wary of, but rather, look at it as an opportunity to reach a new understanding and better insight to your data.


Your data reveals a great deal about your business. Know how you will use it and see how it can unlock new information about your customers, your company, and even competitors.

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