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Mobile Apps Are a Must for 2017 And Here’s the Reason Why

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Did you know that the average consumer spends almost 90 per cent of the time using mobile apps of some sort? The advice today is similar to that when all businesses were told to have a presence on the web. The growing popularity of mobile devices has made it a necessity to have an app that your customers can use and take with them. From banks to shopping to loyalty cards, it looks like these apps are here to stay.

For small businesses, these apps can become a marketing tool to take advantage of those long times customers spend on them. The little mermaid sang it best saying “I want to be where the people are.”

Mobile apps 2017 featured

Why Create Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps have been known to increase engagements between business and customer. Think of when your favorite dessert place posts a picture online. Those that follow and subscribe to the page like, share, or respond to that picture. These kinds of engagements boosts your businesses image. The post gets shown not just to your customers, but to friends of your customers who may be your target audience.

When you create an app and your customer downloads it, it is with them all the time. You can deliver messages to them about a new promotion, or let them know that you are extending your business hours. You are literally able to reach them wherever they are and the more interaction you have, the better your relationship will be.

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It’s Not in the Budget

For many companies, it may not make sense. They may even say that it is not in the budget. You, yourself, may feel that the app thing is beyond you because you don’t know how it works. However, there are many solutions to creating a simple app that will allow for you to take advantage of the mobile marketplace.

There are options out there for drag and drop app creation sites that are cheap and easy to use. Tractus Online believes that technology is changing rapidly and we must keep the pace. We offer a robust set of services, including mobile app development, that won’t eat your budget and give you the type of control you need for your business. The technology is here. Apps are here to stay. Contact us to get you started!

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