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Mobile App Marketing: 5 Must-Have Strategies

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business, Marketing

These days smart devices play a very prominent role in every day life. We use apps for navigating on the road, streaming music and evaluating eating options. Mobile app market is rapidly growing. Developers are always looking for new solutions and innovation in the app segment. However, a lot of the launched apps are never found or simply abandoned. What is the secret recipe to success when it comes to marketing an app?

Mobile App Discovery: Think Outside Of The App Store Box

Almost 40% of users discover apps through app stores and app markets. However, taking into account the number of existing and uploaded apps in each category, it is very challenging to make your app discoverable right away. People find out about new apps through various sources including search, company website, word-of-mouth, reading blog posts or watching videos.

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According to Google, 1 in 4 app users discover apps through search. Make sure you do not rely exclusively on the app store when promoting your app. Utilize all elements of inbound marketing strategies.

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Take Over The World With App Localization

Translating your app into a different language is a proven way of taking over additional markets. App localization is an essential part of app marketing since it increases your view rates in different markets, establishes credibility and trust and thus,increases downloads. Localization is more than translation of the app name. Make sure user experience is totally aligned with the country’s culture norms and language perception.

Stand Out With App Store Optimization

Since app store is a major source for app discovery, make your app findable, trustworthy and appealing enough. App store optimization starts from choosing the right name for your app, optimizing it for searchable keywords and assigning your app to the right category. You also need to make sure, your app is presented right with an appealing description, demo and most explicit screenshots. Improve your app rating by encouraging happy users to leave reviews and rate your app.

Price It Right

Price is the most important factor that influences downloads. 4 in 5 users say that price matters. And 3 in 4 expect apps to be free. Do some research, monitor competition and follow industry trends. Find other ways to monetize your app, experiment, play with the price for promotions and initial launch.

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Remind Them To Use Your App

According to Google, 1 in 4 installed apps are never used. A lot of times users abandon apps immediately after downloading them. The biggest reason is that users are forced to download apps that they don’t need in order to complete an order, sign up etc. And the second major reason is that they simply lose interest. Make sure you listen to audience insights, update your app frequently, make it more exciting and user friendly, utilize push notifications to your benefit and offer deals. In other words, reengage with your app users. They need a compelling value from your app when installing it and when actually using it. The biggest motivator is exclusive offer (discounts on their next purchase, exclusive content, coupons etc.) Notifications of new features and updates also motivate people to restart the app use.

While apps can entertain users and make their life easier, getting their attention can be challenging. Struggling with app marketing? Contact our online marketing experts for a free consultation.

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