Key marketing strategies for your small business

Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

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Nobody said running a business was easy, but there are ways that we can learn from others mistakes in order to help our business grow successfully. In the marketing world, there are many dos and don’ts to abide by to help you save time and money. Below we discuss a few things you should avoid as a business owner in order to get on top and stay on top.

3 marketing dos and don'ts for small business owners

Not Having a Cohesive Marketing Plan

If you don’t have a cohesive strategy in place in terms of how you want to reach your goals, chances are you will never get there. You should draw up a plan from beginning to end, including your digital strategies, advertising methods, target audience and whatever other aspects of your business that¬† you can think of that will make you successful.

Not Having a Competitive Edge

In a saturated market, it’s important to identify your business’s competitive edge to help people understand why they should choose your product and/or service. The most important part of marketing is understanding your target audience and what makes them tick, so once you’ve identified that, the rest is smooth sailing. Performing a little market research will help you identify this.

Not Prompting Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth advertising is the most valuable tool in the toolbox, as it is a personal endorsement that your client is giving to their friends or family members that trust them. By encouraging word of mouth advertising, like asking the client to leave you an honest review online, you are initiating the conversation of your brand outside of whatever current initiatives are implementing.

3 marketing tips for small businesses

There are many things to consider when forming a marketing strategy for your business, and that includes the things that are making businesses fail. Want to learn more about strategies to consider for your new business? Click here. Want to know how we can help you with your online business strategy? Click here. 

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