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What are Marketing Experts Saying about Big Data Marketing

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There is a new trend where marketing experts are driven by big data- the massive amounts of data that businesses collect from their own business processes and from their customers through surveys and other reports. These data-driven marketers use the data collected to improve business strategies.

Data scientist Alton Alexander said that companies have more data than they will ever need. There is a mountain of information and ways to look at it. Data-driven marketers use these information to change has businesses interact in their marketing

What Marketing Experts are Saying

NGDATA asks several experts this question: What is the most effective way marketers can leverage big data in their marketing strategy?

Jason Parks, The Media Captain

“Strategy is essential for marketers because it takes all of the data on your site and allows for you to create an organized strategy to re-target to them at a low price point. It also greatly increases the awareness for your company when beautifully crafted advertisements are created.”

Bryan Clayton, GreenPal

“Combine it with publicly available census data for marketing insights.

“Studying the data your own business generates can tell you which of your online marketing campaigns works best. Do the ads appeal to your target market or another market altogether? The data may also point to completely new areas of customer interest.”

marketing Experts DataRachelle Van Soest, Immortology

“It’s important to know your own business inside and out, but to truly capitalize on Big Data’s power, you also need a deep knowledge of the competition’s capabilities and weaknesses. Otherwise, you simply can’t connect the dots and find the gems that will produce marketing gold.”

Deidre Woollard, Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions

Big data on a citywide level is also key. Here in Los Angeles, the LA Times has created a massive project called Mapping L.A. ( that shows detailed demographics on various neighborhoods. It’s a tremendous resource of big data that is free to all. This type of local big data can help marketers target certain areas or messages to best suit their consumers.”

What are your thoughts on Big Data? How will you execute? There are a vast number of resources out there to help your company grow through customer insights. Tractus Online can help with that. Call us to see how we can help.


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