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Managed Placements Give You Control Over Your Google AdWords

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Managed placements is a targeting method feature on Google AdWords. With managed placements, the user has control over what websites, videos, and apps that are part of the Google Display Network where you’d like to show your ads. For companies that use Google AdWords for their marketing, it is important to know that you have control over your ads.

In the last two blogs we talked about keyword research and geographic placements. Greater control is given to users with managed placements because they can place their ads exactly where their target customers are spending their time. Get to know what else you can do with managed placements.

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How to Use Managed Placements

You can have your ads show on certain sites that are part of the Display Network and add them to your ad groups. Placing them in places where you know your audience will give your ads better traction. By adding targets to your campaigns, you are able to utilize both managed and automatic placements.

Using your Google AdWords account, you can add and edit your placements. You can follow the official documentation here.

Where to Use Managed Placements

You can only use this feature when you are using “Display Network only” or “Search Network with Display Select” campaign types. Once you have figured out the correct settings, you can then assign a unique bid to a specific webpage. If you know your target audience likes comic books for example, you may want to bid on the San Diego Comic Con website. Because you know your audience, picking where they spend their time would be the best place for your ad to get noticed.

If you ad does well, you can assign it as a managed placement and set a higher bid using the “Bid only” setting. You can them make your ad more competitive for that particulate placement, since it works. Awesomely enough, your ad will still show on other placements based on your keywords and topics. Because of this, you might see both automatic and managed placements.

Managed Placements Mobile

Like all other AdWord campaigns, you will compete with other advertisers for your placements. Popular sites will require higher bids than others. But all in all, the ability to control where your ads can be placed is one of the great benefits of using Google AdWords. By working with certified Google Partner agencies, they can provide you with greater feedback and insights on how to best use your marketing money. Contact Tractus Online to get started in Google AdWords and start taking advantage of managed placements

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