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4 Ways to Make the Best Video Ads

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Most who are active in digital marketing understand that videos deserve top priority. While text or pictures are good, nothing drives traffic like a well-planned post that includes relevant video content. The question is, will just any video do the trick? There are certainly wrong ways to make videos, and we will go over some of the “don’ts” in another post. For today, we have a list of what you should do in order to make the most effective video ads.

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1. Grab Attention From the Beginning

When creating content, especially for social media, you must remember that you have less than a second to capture someone’s interest. If you lose them at the beginning, you won’t have the chance to make your pitch. Include an interesting frame for the unplayed video, put an engaging story or funny gag right at the start, consider your audience, and insert a message that will resonate from the moment the video begins to play. On YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, your video will begin automatically, the question is, will it play for more than the required 5 seconds, or the speed at which someone can flip past it on their feed?

2. Be Relevant

Your advertising will typically be targeted based on demographics or interests. Make the content specific to whomever your target. Don’t target every interest or demographic you want to reach with one ad, unless that ad is unquestionably relevant for everyone you want to reach. Tailor the videos for each target, and consider what type of ad will come across as welcome and not an obnoxious interruption.

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3. Use a Video Captioning Service

Many users with whom you will interact via direct advertising will not hear the audio of your video for the first several seconds it plays, if at all! Particularly in public settings, many users simply never turn on the sound for videos, especially when it comes to unsolicited advertisements. Given this fact, taking advantage of the many very affordable services that offer captioning at a “by minute,” rate for your videos is worth the cost and effort. If your ad does not have captions when the sound is off, you will definitely miss out on business you otherwise could have attracted.

4. Trial and Error

Whatever your particular business is, the game of advertising is always about learning what works and adjusting accordingly. No campaign is so bulletproof that it could not be improved throughout, or on whatever effort follows after. Be flexible, and know that no matter how well things are going, you probably have something to learn, and some way you can adjust to improve the effectiveness of your ads. One easy way to consistently improve your content, and the implementation of your vision, is to partner with Tractus.  We have the experience, and skills to help with all of your digital needs, be they marketing, maintenance, creation, and so on. Contact us today for a free consultation, and see how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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