Entrepreneurs should learn programming

The Magical Ending When Entrepreneurs Learn Programming

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When entrepreneurs learn programming a whole new world is opened up to them. It makes the business side much more richer and robust because it includes another key part of entrepreneurship- the development of products.

Tractus Online believes in being a well-rounded business. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should look into these enhancements that only entrepreneurs with programming background learn.

#1 Realistic Project Deliverables

As a dev shop, we create many relationships with our clients and they learn to trust us and our ability to deliver our promised outcome on time. This happens because we know that project timetables are different for each department. We can scope out a project more realistically based on the amount of hours our development team needs to complete the task and what the client needs.

The ability to deliver at the right time that is respect both the clients wishes and the developers capability often ensures that you will either be on schedule, or over deliver. These are things that clients want.

Learn programming as an entrepreneur

When you learn programming as an entrepreneur, you gain a better understanding of how your business should run.

#2 Learn Programming. Appreciate Developers.

There is no denying that money talks. One entrepreneur entered a coding bootcamp to learn programming because he wasn’t making money. At the end of his bootcamp stint, he started another company and then sold it. The difference he says, was that he was able to appreciate the hard word developers put in. Considering himself a developer, he treated his development team better and saw that their input was very helpful in providing solutions in their work.

What a great thing to learn!

#3 Leverage Knowledge

If you have programming experience as an entrepreneur you become the expert in creating your MVP. Developers create great entrepreneurs because they have greater understanding of what the process entails.

Adding programmer to your resume can reassure your clients that you will have greater attention to detail to the projects you have.

There are many places where you can gain an understanding of HTML/CSS and JavaScript, like CodeAcademy. Start learning to code and become a better entrepreneur. While you wait for that, contact us here and we can help you set things up!

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