Lunch Networking: It’s The New Way to Improve Skills at Work

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

Every day during lunch hour, you grab the meal you prepped the night before out of the work fridge. You look for a spot away from people. Then, you grab your phone watch the latest cat video on it. Nowadays, you can be productive and spend your lunch networking and learning.

Sometimes, they are called meetups. Others, lunch and learns, as you are literally learning new technologies, applying new skills, and eating lunch. Here’s what you can expect:

Meeting Like-Minded People

Work can be more productive and meaningful if you are enjoying what you do. Even more so when you have someone that you can share your experiences with. Are you trying a new marketing automation software? Maybe, you are not sure how a CRM can help you make sales. These events are full of people that, just like you, want to learn more and be the best at what they do.

Building a community of collaborative people is always useful in the long run. Here you can find mentors and friends that share you desire to be better what what you do.

lunch networking rocks

Come sit with us all week!

Lunch Networking Tips

Not sure where to start? Take a gander at these places.

  • Meetups – On this site, you can search for activities and other interests. Since a lot more companies are hosting events like these for lunch, they have created groups dedicated to learning to skill and sharing different interests.
  • Slack – This communication tools brings together different channels. Normally used for communicating within an organization, Slack is now being used to further the sharing of ideas. Many user groups use slack to coordinate upcoming meetings, get feedback about their work, and even look for side projects.
  • Start your own – If your company does not have one, you could start your own! It doesn’t need to be big or fancy. Make it something that your team does to be more productive during the day.

Do you have any ideas that you’d like to share with your company? Have you tried hosting a lunch event like this? Let us know at Tractus Online and we can trade ideas!