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Customer Complaints. Are You Listening?

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When running a business, the mantra “the customer is always right,” constantly echoes in your ears. Business owners focus on the customer experience, and how satisfied they are afterward. They contemplate what smaller aspects can be corrected to improve experience overall. It can be helpful to look at the examples other companies have set in this regard.

companies that listen to customer complaints

Dominos Pizza

For years Dominos was maligned for having some of the worst pizza on the market. One day they decided to listen to what was being said about them. They admitted their pizza was no good, and actively sought to improve it. Sales, satisfaction, and trust have grown as a result of this. They listened to what their customers thought about their product. They saw that they could do something to improve, and they did.

Dominos App

After improving their pizza, Dominos created an app that has received serious recognition for its user-friendly, intuitive design, and in particular their innovative¬†pizza tracker function, and their “pizza profiles,” which allow you to save your favorite orders, and earn free food.¬† The app represents Dominos’ effort to set themselves apart as an innovator in the new wave of food delivery services. They have successfully done that. Even more impressively, they have solidified their recently re-captured devotees with their continuous and innovative improvement.

The Upshot

Not every business can be improved as simply (and drastically) as Dominos was by upgrading their pizza. With that being said, listening to customer feedback helps businesses make updates similar to those made by Dominos in creating their app. Customers will tell you exactly what they want, the question is: are you listening?

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