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LinkedIn Learning Launched: What Is It All About?

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LinkedIn Learning is recognizing the need to educate its users by releasing this platform. For $24.99 a month, you can have access to courses suited to your current job description, or add skills to make you more marketable. The first month is free and gives LinkedIn Premium privileges, so let’s take a look see on this new program and what it offers.

Online Video Training

We’re all familiar with online training sites. From Pluralsight to Udemy and Coursera, they offer training from thought leaders in their own respective fields. Because they offer the flexibility to attend and finish the courses on your own time. This is perfect for the casual learner, or hobbyist. It is also a great tool for those that are looking for that career change.

Many have found success in these online video trainings and in 2015, LinkedIn bought for a cool $1.5 billion!

linkedin learningLinkedIn Learning Features

Four features are marked by LinkedIn to be the selling points of the product. Personalized Recommendations, Learning Resources, On Your Schedule, and Premium Tools and Insights- these features are all accessible through the program. For one month, you are able to try them out.

Personalized Recommendations – LinkedIn knows what you do and what you are interested in. Because of that, these recommendations are tailored to help you become the best version of you.

Learning Resources – This allows you to apply what you learn through quizzes, projects, and yes, even coding challenges.

On Your Schedule – The coolest feature has to be the fact that you are able to download offline content and watch them in your own time. Most programs require internet access, but LinkedIn realized that you aren’t always connected.

Premium Tools and Insights – Access to LinkedIn Premium for half the price? Heck, yeah! These plans start at $60 a month. With this platform, you have accessed to networking tools, including “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”

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