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The Latest and Biggest Social Media Marketing Trend

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It may seem archaic to most, but up until now, Instagram didn’t allow for scheduling on its platform. Just about every other social media marketing platform allows for scheduling, including Twitter and Facebook. For social media managers, this is one of the most exciting updates to hit the tech world since forever!

The biggest update in social media marketing

What This Means For Social Media Marketing

For social media marketers, this means no need to have to organically post everyday for any given client. You can now schedule your Instagram posts (just like you can with your other social media marketing platforms) on social media management platforms in advance. This is exciting news for those who wish to schedule ahead of time and not have to worry about setting an alarm or receiving post notifications to physically post to the app.

Where Can You Do This

Automatic posting is not available in the Instagram app, but it is available on a few social media management platforms including HootSuite. Many platforms have followed suit of HootSuite announcing they will be adopting the feature as well. Because the feature is only available to those that use management platforms, it is really intended for social media managers to help make their lives easier. We can expect to see the app roll out a scheduling tool within the app itself in the near future that is meant for personal use, but for now, this will have to do.


1 huge trend happening in social media marketing

Instagram’s post scheduling capability is the most exciting thing to hit the social media marketing world since Facebook announced its advertising features (well, almost). It’s about time Instagram followed suit of other social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter in order to become more user friendly. To learn more about our social media management services, click here. To read more about various social media updates that you don’t want to miss, click here

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