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Last Minute Tech Gifts for the Techpreneur in Your Life

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Last minute tech gifts often bring memories of over priced pharmacy store runs. Honestly, these tend to be tacky and often lack originality. With tech being high on everyone’s wishlist, we’ve gathered some great tech gifts that you can pick up at your local store.

For the tech savvy entrepreneur, usability is important. Check out these low-cost, but awesome gifts to end the year and start 2017 right.


Social Media and the Last Minute Tech Gifts

Everyone is into photography nowadays. Photo-sharing sites are all over the internet and are filled with magnificent shots edited to get the most likes. Don’t be afraid to go retro. In the last couple of years, polaroids have been making a comeback. They provide a more candid experience for everyone involved. Also, it relies on the users innate photo-taking skills to ensure that each shot is worth it.

Check these products out:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 ($129.99, Best Buy)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 ($99.99, Target)

Polaroid Snap ($99.99, Best Buy)

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For more sharing, you can never go wrong with streaming devices like the Google Chromecast that start as low as $35. Having the power to control what you share will give the techpreneur confidence in the tools he uses.

Backup and Power

Running in and out of meetings can cause your phone’s battery to die quickly. A busy entrepreneur can never have too many power banks on hand. Quirky Pickup Power ($19.99, Micro Center) gives them three AC ports for charging their device at the office, and a 6000 mAH backup battery when it’s time to rush into meetings.

Just like keeping toothpicks or floss in the bag, Powrtabs for iPhone and Android ($49.99, can give device 1000 mAH of juice to get things going.

Internet of Things

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VR Headsets can be expensive, but there are alternate solutions. While many are familiar with Google Cardboard, the new Google Dayview VR ($79.99, BestBuy) can give the enthusiast just what he needs to delve into the world of VR.

That’s just a short list of tech gifts you can pick up at a store and still have it look like you put some effort into the purchase. Tractus Online gives advice on things that we know can help you and your business. That includes gift ideas to get your holiday off on the right foot. Contact us or marketing and website help as well!


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