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Kickstarter Campaign Strategies with the Greatest Return on Investment

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Is your company looking to put together a kickstarter campaign for your new product? Kickstarter has become one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms for many new products in the last couple of years. With the success of the Pebble brand and the Purple pillow, many soon followed suit to have their products “backed” by real customers, not some investment company.

The beauty of the Kickstarter is that it targets those who would actually buy and use the product. Having access to a specific market makes it easy to sell said product and test the waters on how the product would do out in the open. But how do you get the best and highest return on investment in this venture?

Kickstarter Campaign: All About Strategy

Kickstarter Campaign Strategy

Whether you are working on your awesome video, or planning your stretch goals, it is important to make sure that your efforts have a purpose. Here are some strategies that have paid off really well for some Kickstarters.

  • PR ALL DAY – According to a majority of kickstarters, personally reaching out to influencers and bloggers can go a long way. There are many out there that are called influencers in their own specific niche. Influencers usually have a lot of followers the religiously wait for their next blog or video post. The power behind them comes the fact that they have a wide reach. Writing a handwritten message to ask an influencer to look at your product means they can feature it on their next post and drive traffic to your page.Find the right influencer and you hit the jackpot.
  • PAID and NON-PAID ADS – If you’re on Kickstarter, it probably means that money is limited. The influencers mentioned about are great as they usually do not cost money (just some sample of the product) fitting into exactly what you need. If you do decide to pay for ads, ask yourself, will my audience know what Kickstart is or how it works? Going back to strategy, your ads become worthless if they target the wrong people.You can use lookalike audiences based on the personas that you have to test if your strategy will work. You can also exchange emails with other people in the same category as your product.

If you are going to market your product, you better know exactly who you are targeting and where they can be found. Tractus Online can help you find your audience and help ensure that your marketing budget (or lack thereof) are put to good use. Contact us for a consultation today!

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