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Instagram Story Telling is Key to Gaining More Followers

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

Instagram story telling is a strategy that professional Instagrammers (IGers) use to attract more people to their profiles. It’s more than just a pretty picture, but rather a straight profile to what it is they want you to know about them. If you are a casual user, you probably post randomly. Businesses, however, should make their branding strategy made known. Here’s 8 things to do to build up that profile and gain more followers.

Make Your Instagram Story Telling Game on Point

Choose a maximun of three stories to tell. You can focus on your product, company culture, or events for example. Make sure that the picture or video you post will provide value to your customers.

Spend time on Your Content

Hi-res content is always a good choice, along with a good mix of filters (or no filters). Use the 2/3 rule if you are featuring a product and make sure that caption shines.

Use Hashtags

hashtag for instagram

Don’t confuse it with this group of dancers.

This is how your content gets found, so make sure you are using a good one.

Share, share, share

Connect your Instagram like a pro to other platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Be careful to not share all the same content all the time, but decide early on which ones can be share across the different platforms.

Tend to Your Garden, ahem, Followers

Don’t think you can get to that coveted 10K followers by keeping things to yourself. Sometimes you gotta play the game. Follow similar brands or profiles. Look for similar hashtags. Join some of the promotions like “Like for Likes” or “Follow for Follow.”

Engage like no other

With the new Instagram Live! feature, you can host Q and As with your followers and give them shoutouts. When someone likes you content, like them back, or reply to a question or comment. You can use apps that will allow you to re-share their content on your profile as well.

Give Love

Many brands hold contests and reward their followers who like, share, and follow their brand. You can do the same!

What have you been doing to grow your Instagram garden? Let us know at Tractus Online and see how else we can help!