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Instagram Releases IGTV Feature

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Instagram just recently released their new IGTV feature, a feature that supports video that can be up to one hour long shot vertically. The feature is similar to that of an Instagram Story where it utilizes the entire screen, but it allows for video longer than 15 seconds. Snapchat and YouTube move over, IGTV is said to rival that of other similar streaming services that are currently out there.

Introducing the new video feature implemented by Instagram

How to Use It

If you’ve updated your Instagram recently, you’ve probably noticed the layout is now a bit different. You can find the IGTV button housed in the top right corner of the app, just to the left of your inbox button. You simply tap the IGTV button, and it’ll take you to the video platform where you can browse popular videos, follow your favorite artists, or even create a channel of your own. IGTV also has the option of being downloaded as a stand-alone app, so you don’t have to open Instagram to access it.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Influencers are already taking advantage of IGTV by creating their own channel, and creating series of videos that act like a TV show. Currently, users with a large following are the only ones able to utilize the hour long limit, otherwise, people are capped at only 10 minutes as the feature is still brand new. Currently, there is no form of advertising available with IGTV, so influencers are just using the feature to offer their followers additional content aside from their regular pages.

Why Now

IGTV is Instagram’s way of remaining afloat in a world full of video and streaming services. Snapchat and YouTube have expanded upon video marketing, so other social media platforms are obviously following suit in order to stay relevant. There is no question that IGTV will become popular, as many music artists are currently on Instagram. Artists aren’t able to share entire music videos by way of regular post, and this feature will allow artists to get full songs out there, even full EPs and albums.

Instagram introduces their new video streaming service

IGTV is an awesome feature that Instagram just implemented as their way of remaining relevant in a world full of video. If you want to read more about current social media marketing happenings, click here. Contact us if you’d like to know what we can do to help you improve your digital strategy. 

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