Instagram is rolling out new features to make the user experience seamless

Instagram Integrates Spotify and GoPro

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Instagram has recently made sharing content from popular third party apps seamless by integrating them into their stories feature. Recently, both Spotify and GoPro teamed up with the social media marketing platform to allow users to share content directly from the app to their stories. Below is a little more information on how this works.

Instagram is integrating outside apps so users can share to stories


Sharing music from Spotify is as easy as one, two, three with the new Instagram integration feature. Users can now share their favorite playlists, songs, artists and more simply by utilizing the new share button. You will be automatically re-directed to your story, where a preview sticker will display, giving viewers a direct link to that specific song, playlist, artist or album. You can jazz up the story by adding stickers and gifs, making this a fun way to share the music you love with your followers.


GoPro recently introduced its Instagram integration feature, allowing users to upload their action shots directly to their story. You can edit, cut and re-center the video you want to share, allowing for a fast and easy way to share the best 15 seconds of your desired content. This is a way for users to share their favorite content without have to toggle between apps, or having to download and re-upload.

The Future of Instagram Integration

Although Spotify and GoPro are the first to roll out integration features with Instagram, other apps are preparing to follow suit to simplify the user experience. The app says in the coming weeks, more apps will be adding the share to story feature. Social media marketing platforms are continuously finding ways to communicate with third party apps and are seeking creative ways to form digital partnerships.

Instagram introduces story integration among third party apps

GoPro and Spotify users are able to share their favorite content to their stories with the click of a button. Soon, other third party apps will implement this same feature, allowing for full integration, all while making the user experience more seamless. To read more social media marketing news, click here. To see what we can do for your business in a digital sense, click here

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