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Instagram Engagement Has Its Rules, Did You Know?

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

If you have been struggling to gain new followers to no avail, you should check your Instagram engagement. It is easy to engage on Instagram. You like a picture. Or you leave a comment. You can use third-party apps to share content you really like. But did you know that they have rules? Just like everything else, there is some science to gaining more followers and getting your content viewed. Are you ready?

The Rule of 5-3-1 of Instagram Engagement

According to Instaguru Chalene Johnson, the best way to attract more people to you is by going out and interacting with THEM…on THEIR pages. What a novel concept!  For your Instagram engagement to get you results, you need to go beyond your page and seek out other like minded individuals that are into your brand.

Hashtags are your biggest friends when it comes to finding people that would appreciate your page. It’s a numbers game, but it is also a pat on the back game.

How the Rule Works

Back to the hashtags, you can use this website to find the most used hashtag of the day. You can also use the hashtags you normally use to find others that use it. Then follow this:

5 – Like the last 5 photos on their account. Because no one likes the creep that bring up photos from 135 weeks ago.

3 – Comment on 3 of the photos. It’s more than liking. Commenting opens up the communication between the you and the other account. Now, they can reply and possibly have a conversation. Maybe a free shirt!

1 – Gain one new follower.  It may seem tedious and a lot of work, but it makes the engagement more than just a ploy to get followers.

Are you going to try it out? Let us know at Tractus Online how it went or if it worked for you!