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Influencer Marketing Trends To Look Out For

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It seems like everyone is using influencer marketing in their social media strategies due to its effectiveness. Influencers exist on many different platforms, and many of them charge paid rates depending on the amount of engagement they get on a given post. Below are a few influencer trends to look out for in 2018.

Strategies for big brands when it comes to influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Isn’t Only On Instagram

In 2017, over 90% of influencers said Instagram was their top platform. Because of Instagram’s growing popularity, many brands stop there when it comes to their influencer strategy. In order to be effective, you should consider a more robust approach to your methods by including platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. We can expect to see influencer utilization by big brands broaden across multiple platforms this year.

Affiliate Codes

Many brands want to measure the success of their influencer marketing, so they are implementing affiliate codes to measure sales. An affiliate code is where an influencer promotes a discount code where the amount of sales can be tracked to measure its effectiveness. We are expecting to see many more of these collaborations in the near future.

Content Marketing

We can expect influencer marketing to look a lot less ad-like and more user generated this year. For example, brands are sending influencers products and having them post their honest review on social media. This type of promotion works better than something that is more scripted, especially with lifestyle influencers that have a trusting follower base.

3 trends in influencer marketing seen in 2018

Influencer marketing is becoming much more mainstream, and we expect the above trends to be on the rise in 2018. To read more about why influencer utilization is becoming so popular with big brand’s social media strategies, click here. To learn about what we have to offer in terms of social media marketing services, click here

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