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Why Influencer Marketing Is So Popular

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You may have heard of influencer marketing as it is on the rise. Many brands big and small are taking advantage of paid and unpaid influencer promotion to help spread the word about their brand. Below are a few reasons as to why influencer marketing is so popular today.

influencer marketing strategies to drive sales

Influencer Marketing Is Effective

A recent study has shown that influencer marketing is twice as effective as regular paid advertising in terms of increasing sales. If a person sees a promotion for a product via an influencer that he or she follows for enjoyment purposes, that person may be more receptive to the message than they would a regular paid social media ad. Because influencers are consumers too, promotions done through influencers give your audience that consumer to consumer connection, thus allowing your audience to really pay attention to the product that you’re trying to promote.

It’s Appealing

By utilizing an influencer that’s right for your product, you’re really able to make your message appealing to your user. If you’re a makeup company and you select an influencer with flawless skin to promote your product, you will not only have a beautiful face for your brand, but you will give off the message that you too can look like this influencer by using this product. Influencers are models advertising in organic methods in a sense, and there are a million out there to choose from in the social media world.

It’s Trackable

Influencer marketing is trackable in many different ways. If you want to promote a product and track its sales, give the influencer a unique code to include in their posts so that you can see how many people actually redeemed that code at checkout in order to measure sales. You can also check the engagement on a post that an influencer does for you in terms of the amount of likes and comments they’ve received. Asking an influencer for analytics such as the post reach is not uncommon, and in fact can give you some great insight in terms of performance.

how influencer marketing has made an impact on social media

Influencer marketing is on the rise, and in order for businesses to stay relevant, they’re implementing it into their social media strategies. Want to learn more about upcoming social media trends? Click here. Want to learn what we can do for you in terms of creating a digital marketing strategy? Click here

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