5 basic ways to increase your email marketing open rates

5 Basic Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates

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When it comes to click-through rates on your business’ email marketing, pushing your blasts to reach a subscriber’s inbox is half the battle. Persuading your customers to click ‘open’ is another important part of the marketing equation. Below are a few ways to fast track your emails to a user’s interest.

5 basic ways to increase your email marketing open rates

Concise Subject Lines

The average adult attention span has dropped to 8 seconds which means keeping information short and sweet is a must. A well-thought out subject line is similar to coming up with the title for a book. Does your subject make your viewer curious, enticed, or eager to know what content is inside? Keep your subject lines precise, personalized, clean, and effective.

Avoid Using Too Many Links

Many businesses make the mistake of including excessive promotional links in their email body. A strong call to action is imperative for email subscribers to click their way to your site, but try to keep your links to a maximum of one or two per email. Otherwise, Google will isolate you to the “Promotions” folder.

Time Sensitivity

One way to ensure your recipients see your content is to send out emails in their local time. Sending early morning content around 7am or 8am in their time zone can increase your opening click rates significantly, ensuring your content is the first thing they read as they wake up.

Avoid SPAM-y Keywords

Another quick way to land yourself a spot in the subscriber’s SPAM folder is to use too many spam-trigger keywords. If you’re an eCommerce business it is especially important to avoid words such as ‘buy’, ‘earn’, ‘deals’, ‘guarantee’, etc. for example. Another keyword offense is using these words more than once in the email’s body. Check online for a list of Google’s top email SPAM trigger words as you compose your content.

Interesting Openers

Many marketing professionals make the mistake of writing a weak email lead. The first 100 characters of an email are crucial as they are a subscriber’s preview to the content in your email body. These previews show up on a recipient’s email host site and mobile notifications. Start off with a catchy, personalized entry or phrase, to earn that extra click.

5 was to increase email marketing open rates

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