How video marketing can help drive business

The Importance Of Video Marketing

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Video marketing is a strategy implemented into campaigns by many companies around the world in order to engage their audience. Because many of us are visual, we are sometimes more receptive to a video message rather than a standalone ad. Below are some reasons as to why video is so relevant in our society today.

3 tips for video marketing and small businesses

We Love Video

The reason video marketing works is because our society loves video! A recent survey found the average amount of time spent watching video content on a daily basis is 1.5 hours. Additionally, 15% of subjects claim they watch over 3 hours of video content on a daily basis. That’s a lot of video! Because we are so video-heavy as a society as a whole, we are bound to be more receptive to video messages when they are marketed correctly.

We Love To Share

Videos go viral on social media, and that’s another reason as to why video marketing is so popular. In a recent survey, 83% of individuals claimed they would consider sharing a video with their peers if they enjoyed it. That means if you create a meaningful video message, your chance of it spreading like wildfire is pretty good. Tailoring your video message to social media standards and trends will also help maximize its sharing potential.

Video Marketing Drives Success

It has been proven that video is a valuable tool for businesses. 76% of marketers claim that video content has helped them increase sales, and another 76% claim that it has helped them drive traffic. By creating a catchy video message, you will then ultimately drive traffic to your website, further increasing your sales. Another 97% of marketers claim video has helped their users understand their product better, which is vital in trying to sell a unique product.

The importance of video marketing in your advertising strategy

Video marketing is an important tool being used by major companies around the world as it has been proven to work. If you would like to take your business to the next level by learning about what we offer in terms of online marketing services, click here. To learn more about the importance of video in an advertising strategy, click here

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