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How To Start A Business Blog That Benefits Your Company

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Starting a business blog is a very smart investment. Small businesses with blogs generate 88% more leads (B2C) and their websites have more indexed pages on search engines than websites without blogs. So now that you’re committed to starting a blog, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Hopefully we can give you a push in the right direction to start your successful lead-generating business blog.

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Choose The Strategy of Your Blog

Before you start writing any blogs be sure that you understand your strategy. You’d be mistaken if you think you can write on any topic and generate traffic to your website. You need to first identify the purpose of the blog. The most common strategy is to serve as a search engine optimizer on your company’s website, host landing pages, and provide marketable information. Other strategies include demonstrating thought leadership and creating credibility, offering help to customers, or telling your company’s story. After you have decided on your strategy you might want to still hold off on writing your first blog until you read the next section.

Write Relevant Content

Now that you’ve decided on a strategy, you need to think about your target customers. What information are they looking for online about your product or your industry. Once you have answered these questions break your answers into different categories. When deciding on categories you may want to use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to figure out which category topics have the highest search volume. After identifying the keywords you want to target, you’re now ready to start writing. Once you begin publishing your articles, you’ll be able to assign them to their respective category and create search friendly content.

Make It Easy to Share

Now that you have your strategy and some articles to publish on your site, you need to add social sharing buttons to make the content as share friendly as possible. The more people read and share you article the more likely you are to generate sales. Start by sharing your blog on your own social media sites and other sharing platforms. This self promotion will hopefully start a chain reaction of shares that will bring new visitors. Be sure to respond to comments quickly and don’t be afraid to comment on other bloggers articles in your same industry. These bloggers may notice you and be interested in a collaboration or a guest blog opportunity. Working with industry related bloggers is a great strategy to accelerate your online growth.

Measure Your Progress

Lastly, be sure to measure progress by setting goals for your blog and executing on your tactics. One of the best free tools available is Google Analytics. Google Analytics will track most web site measurements and help you better understand your audience. Remember that blogging for the most part is a long tail success game. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a sudden increase in sales after your first few blogs. It may take some time to get traction going on your blog. Be sure to make a schedule and be consistent with your publishing, this is one of the best methods of growing a following.

Looking at the numbers, blogging definitely makes sense. While some people find blogging to be fun and enjoyable, we understand that for others it may be overwhelming. If you are a small business owner, give it a try and if you have questions or need help getting started, contact our team at Tractus. We have been helping small businesses all over the country expand their online presence and grow their business through blogging.
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