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How to Increase Your Online Sales and Get Users Sign Up For Your Offers?

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A lot of new businesses underestimate conversion rate optimization on their sites. Landing pages might look fantastic but do they bring the desired results? Read this brief guide to find out how to encourage users to take actions on your website.

What is a conversion?

Conversion is some type of an action that you want the users of your site to take. Depending on your goals and sales funnels, conversions vary from newsletter signups, enrollment into programs, item sales or contacting the business.

What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimization is a set of data driven strategies and techniques aimed at improving your site’s performance. This is not about increasing traffic to your site. It is about the existing traffic and making the most of it. How do you measure CRO? You simply divide the total number of people who have taken the desired action on the site by the number of visitors to your site.

It is important to pay attention to the following factors and strategies whether you have build your site yourself, have a website designer and/or marketing specialist on board.

1. Identify site’s main purpose

Clearly define WHAT you want your visitors to do on the website. Turn your conversion definition into call-to-action and make it visible and clear for the user.

2. Avoid any distraction from your call to action

Are there any ads that get more attention than your contact form/button etc.? Do you have any conflicting/confusing offers that are off-target?

3. Define your value proposition

What is so special about your offer and why is it worth paying attention to? How do you compare to your competition? Do your visitors associate themselves with your offer and brand values? Do they clearly see what benefits they are getting?

4. Make sure they trust your company and your offer

Are there any factors on the website that make your user doubt your offer? Is the payment process secure? Do you have negative reviews? Build your credibility first.

5. Create a sense of urgency

Explain to your visitors what they will lose by not signing up now. Think about what might encourage them to take actions faster. Think how to increase online sales faster.

6. Pay attention to colors

Colors affect your visitors more than you ever expect. People make their buying decisions in 90 seconds or less… and 90% of it based on color.

7. Get an expert to A/B test your offers, pages, buttons etc.

This is the most important step for conversion optimization. It is crucial to find out why YOUR visitors do not convert on YOUR site. Do not jump on and start changing buttons from green to red unless you know that colors is the reason why visitors don’t convert.

As mentioned above, CRO is data driven and it is crucial to measure and analyze. As a business owner, you don’t always have that much time to spend on CRO and that is why it is crucial to consult with CRO experts, get help from web developers and continuously improve your CRO. It is also important that you have enough existing traffic on your website to measure your rates and whether your improvements are working.

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