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How To Get Traffic To Your Business Website With Blogging

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business, Marketing

Does every website need a blog? The answer is yes. When done right, blogging is one of the most effective ways of growing web traffic, engaging with your site visitors, providing valuable information and building trust. So how to get traffic to your site and make blogging work for you?

Make Your Posts Findable

Your customers might have tons of questions, doubts, concerns about your business, your industry or product. It is important to know what people are looking for and how they word it. Keywords or terms that users type into search engines are the blood of SEO and an important traffic trigger. Keywords help you understand your customers worries, thoughts, buying patterns and help you come up with topics for blog posts. There are multiple tools for researching keywords that you can use to your advantage. Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular tools.

Make Your Blog Posts Readable

Once they find the information, they want to digest it quickly and easily. Help your visitors read articles by including bullet points, tables, lists and other ways of organizing information. Keep it short and simple. Visualize some of your content.

Make Your Content Shareable

It is important not only to answer the question but also to encourage your users share the information. Make sharing easy for them. Include social sharing buttons, optimize post’s description, image and title. Include social counter to show how many people have already shared the article.

Make Your Posts Even More Visible

If they didn’t find your content via search or on friends’ Facebook timeline, you want to make sure they see it somewhere else. Some businesses benefit from sending out email newsletters, some from sharing articles on LinkedIn. It might be a good idea to submit your articles to industry sites, RSS feed submission sites, content curation sites and other sources.

Make Your Posts Audience Specific

Know what your audience wants, know how they browse your site and know what they expect from your blog. Audience defines everything on your blog, from type of articles, content length, titles and images to blogging frequency and sharing options. Research your audience before jumping into blogging and never stop your research process.

Make Your Content Unique

Sharing your company’s insights, vision and values is what makes your blogging unique. Describe your products the way you see them. Explain why your company is doing one thing and not the other. Add some humor. Shake. And serve on a beautifully designed page.

When your company starts blogging the right way, your website will definitely see a traffic boost. Internet users are searching for all sorts of information and your business has enough to share. If you need some help with blogging, contact our marketing experts for a free consultation.

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