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How To Drive Sales And Build Trust With Video Content

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In today’s digital age, businesses have access to a broader array of tools to increase their profits. A tool that you shouldn’t overlook in promoting your business is video. YouTube, Vimeo and Vine are all becoming more mainstream, YouTube alone has over one billion users. To help you get in on the action here are some tips on how to promote your business with video.

Educate your Consumers

A business should never miss an opportunity to educate their target market. When creating a video about your business you should focus on educating future consumers. If your business provides a service, highlight the service and benefits. If it is a specific product your business offers, video provides people an opportunity to see the product in use. Consumers will connect better with what they see over what they hear or read.

Portray your Company’s Personality

Your company has a specific personality that influences the way you do business. This personality should be used to influence potential consumers. Video allows you to look transparent and “real” to the public. As you use video to portray your business’s personality, the focus should be to gain a loyal following that will unite themselves to your company now and in the future.

Highlight Customer Testimonials

Happy customers are your biggest fans. Allow these happy customers to brag for you. As they do, their testimonials will help potential consumers see how your product or service can benefit them. This will not only promote your business but help connect your consumers to one another.

Call your Audience to Action

Every video promoting your business should contain a call to action. Once you’ve successfully educated your consumer, portrayed your personality and highlighted testimonials in your video you should call your viewer to action. These calls to action should be: to visit your website, call a number or engage with your company in someway. Tactful calls to action will not only promote your business but increase your business’s valuation as well.

Nothing but good can come from promoting your business and in today’s world video is perhaps the best way to do so. If you have any questions about how to promote your business with video or if you want to set up a YouTube channel for your business contact our social media team at Tractus.
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