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Display “How-To” and “FAQ” Content in Google Search

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Google constantly updates and upgrades its search interface to improve functionality and results. This week Google announced two new ways of marking data to improve both traditional and assistant search functions: How-To and FAQ.

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What’s New?

The new marking functions allow users to create and mark content in the new categories. How-To makes search functions compatible with the content type. When a consumer searches or asks how a particular task is performed, if you have created a how-to list on that topic, your list will show up in the search as a list, and not simply a link. The same is true for FAQ’s. If someone is asking a particular question about your business, product, service, or online interface, the question and answer appear.

What Good is it?

Searches identifying the information on your websites become far more compatible. Ask your Google assistant how to do a particular task, and the list shows up in a practical and functional form. The assistant responds to commands like “next step,” or “final step.” If someone asks one of your FAQ’s, the question and the answer show up in an easy-to-read form. Users will find your information much quicker, and will be less frustrated in learning about your business. Not to mention the cross-compatibility from traditional searching to assistant search. This whole new way of marking up data can add significantly to your SEO strategy.

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What Should I do?

Google released a talk, plus there are several other articles all about the new changes with tons of helpful answers to more of your questions on this topic. Curious about any particular aspect of the new change? Contact us today, and we will answer your questions, and help you every step of the way. Let us be your partner. We can help with all SEO, marketing, and other online business needs.

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