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How Influencer Marketing is Being Regulated

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Although influencer marketing is a form of native advertising, the Federal Trade Commission has began cracking down on the disclosure of the use of influencers via paid partnerships. If you’re a business that’s considering utilizing influencers as a part of your social media marketing strategy, read the below information to help you avoid any trouble.

3 influencer marketing tips that you should consider

Influencer Marketing and Transparency

The Federal Trade Commission set guidelines in terms of influencers having to disclose any sort of sponsored content with brands. Instagram then released its branded content option which blatantly states when a post is a paid promotion with a brand. Many influencers will use the hashtag #Sponsored or #Ad, or just outright state that a post is a paid collaboration. Regardless, influencers now have to disclose when they’re working with a brand to avoid any type of deception.

How to Avoid a Lawsuit

In order to avoid a lawsuit, you should make sure you have an agreement in place when partaking in any influencer marketing. Make sure the influencer signs some sort of agreement ensuring that they will disclose any and all paid posts pertaining to the collaboration. An influencer should state that they’re a partner of the brand, utilize Instagram’s branded content option, and utilize the hashtags #Sponsored and/or #Ad.

Regulations Don’t Stop at Instagram

While many paid partnerships take place on Instagram, there are many other platforms that are popular when it comes to influencer marketing. For example, beauty influencers thrive on YouTube, where many cosmetic companies will engage in paid collaborations to have their products featured. Although it’s less popular than Instagram, Facebook is also home to many influencer/brand collaborations too. It’s important to disclose any sort of paid partnerships no matter the social media platform.

A key strategy when it comes to influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy when it comes to raising the profile of your brand, but if not done correctly, it can get you in legal trouble. Want to read more about influencer utilization? Click here. Want to learn about what we can do for you in terms of creating a social media marketing campaign for your business? Click here.

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