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Holiday Automation of Your Work Will Help You Enjoy the Holidays

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Holiday automation helps a lot. Did you know that you can automate a lot of work that your business does, especially for the holidays? As you travel around and make plans, you cannot forget about your customers. They are still waiting for you to deliver the content that they have come used to getting. Automating allows for you have some freedom by scheduling your work.

Here are four tasks you can start to automate:

Posting on Social Media

You’ve been building up your brand and this is not the time to slow down. You can use the scheduling feature on most sites to have a good back log of what you want your audience to see from you. Create a content calendar so that you can plan and hit your marketing goals.

There are free sites that you can use to schedule and create content. Hubspot and Buffer are just two of those platforms that can help you.

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If you use Excel a lot, you can automate and create these reports. The automation will depend on what you use, but you can start with this video and get set up.


Holiday Automation with Your Clients

If you don’t have a CRM, you really need to have one! Don’t let them fall to the wayside and slip away because you’ve kept all of that information in your head. One, your whole team needs to know who your clients are, and two, it’s just good practice.

Some great CRMs are Hubspot, Constant Contact, or Insightly. They each have systems in place that’ll help guide you in automating how you talk to your customers.

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Accounting and Invoicing

This one makes so much sense. Set up all your payments so that you don’t get those overages while on vacation. Make sure that you get an email, or a text reminder when a payment is about to go out to make sure that you have some moolah to pay your bills. You may already have the programs that run this and the automation just need to be set up.

These are just some day-to-day tasks that when you automate, can help your work become a bit lighter during the holidays. The great thing is that once you automate your work for the holidays, you can automate it for the rest of the year. Tractus Online is able to help you see what parts of your business you can automate. This will help you focus on other parts of your work, like closing deals.Or in this case, time with your family.

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