Hiring bootcamp graduates can be a tough choice.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Bootcamp Graduates as Developers

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In the last couple of years the number of coding bootcamps have risen all over the United States. Big names, like General Assembly, Flatiron School, and the likes, train developers in three months. Their graduates go on to work at big corporations and startups making close to 75K on a national average.

The dilemma comes down to whether hiring bootcamp graduates is right for your company. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide where your money should go.


  • Specialization. Most bootcamp graduates study a specified language like Python or Ruby. They also get into their frameworks and libraries getting super picky about what they use to code. This means you can have someone with expertise in that area.
  • Experience. A lot of graduates are career changers seeing how lucrative the industry can be. Many marketers become developers. Students of humanities become helpful because they can bring out a different side of programming than normal CS students who may not have as much real world experience.
  • Grit. Because many of them are career changers, they have a higher stake when they become web developers. Their motivation is to provide for their families or to do something meaningful that they love. Hiring bootcamp graduates will show maturity and willingness to learn to become better because of what is at stake.
hiring bootcamp graduates is fun

Hiring bootcamp graduates often need extra help with onboarding.


  • Onboarding. Because they come from a 12-week background, new hires tend to require some additional mentoring when they are brought onto the team. Many bootcamps have their student pair program, programming with another developer, that can take away some time and resource from a project.
  • Not Computer Science. They are not computer science graduates so don’t expect them to go crazy on theorems. The specialized training they received are to help create and develop working sites. If you want a computer scientist, well, hire a CS graduate.
  • No degree. They don’t have a degree, barely a certificate to show what they are capable of doing.

So, should you be hiring bootcamp graduates? It really is up to you. Consider what your companies needs are and how much you need the developer for your company. At Tractus Online, you can be rest assured that we can provide you web development needs coupled with marketing strategies to get you company where it ought to be.

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