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Google+ Social Network Shuts Down

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Last year, Google’s social network “Google+” experienced several serious security breaches caused by a bug in their software that exposed the data of at least 52.5 million users. In response to last year’s breaches, Google announced plans to shut down its social network. The process of shutting down began earlier this year when they prevented the creation of any new Google+ profiles. Shut down reached its final phase today when Google officially began deleting existing user accounts.

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The Problem

Google+’s shut down comes as no big surprise to anyone familiar with social media. Google+’s platform, while ubiquitous in the sense that every Gmail account holder could create a Google+ account by clicking a button, has never been as popular as other social media. The generalized popularity of the platform (given that Google made it easy to join even if you weren’t active), and the low activity on the actual network, combine to make it a great target for hacking. The individuals involved in the data breach saw this combination and took advantage.

Moving Forward

Google is going to be just fine. They likely will stay out of the social networking game for a little while as they regroup. As a user, your social media choices have just been narrowed for you. For some, this will come as a sad day in which they lose a network on which they relied. For others, it is simply the passing of another failed website. Today, Twitter has both takes from a variety of voices. Whatever your take, your new reality is a world without Google+.  Google My Business network, however, is not impacted by Google+ shut down and all business profiles will remain active.

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The Takeaway

The fact is that not all social media sites will be winners. MySpace essentially invented social media as we know it, but it too has failed in a similar fashion to Google+. You’ll never know what social network will be here tomorrow, so it’s best to be prudent and adaptable in your personal approach to social media.

Google+’s demise will mean different things to different people. There are two takeaways all business owners should see, however. First, never be complacent in your online security. Be careful, and realize that data theft happens frequently. Second, your approach to social media should be flexible, and ready to adjust with the times. We can help you set and achieve goals in both of these respects. Reach out today to see how we can help.

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