Landing Page Rules

Google has Give Us Landing Page Rules to Follow

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

Google is kind of a big deal. They pretty much set the rules on what is good and what is bad on the internet. If you want to rank on their site and show up on searches, you want to know sure that you follow their landing page rules, aka make your website Google-friendly.

Landing Page Rules

  • No Pop-Ups or Pop-Unders – It is annoying when you go to a site and you are just bombarded for pop-ups. Even worst is when you click on something and there is an ad underneath it. If you want to rank super low on Google, then do this. If you want your customers to stay, limit the pop-ups and don’t make them click on something that they do not want!
  • Auto Play, No Way – The worst part of some landing pages is the sudden burst of dramatic music, or a car commercial going off in the background. Most customers will have several tabs open and trying to figure out where the sound is coming from can be a total pain. Visitors get annoyed if a video plays, or music starts streaming without them knowing or asking for it.
  • Landing Page RulesAds Downlow – A good rule of thumb is to never use more than three ads per page. Too many ads can be distracting. If you want them on your site, make sure that the content is relevant for them. That is what keeps them staying, not the next great super fruit.
  • Merry Go Rounds – Image carousels and sliders are super annoying. The tendency is to leave the page because in between the images are ads that the customer didn’t ask for or wanted. Keep them to a minumim!

Who has some great advice on what your company can do to avoid making these mistakes? Contact us at Tractus Online and we’ll set you straight and help you get on Google’s good side!